Look up!

This past weekend, a couple of friends and I went to Nuit Blanche to see the art installations downtown Toronto, and in the process, we had a reality check about being. As we strolled through downtown, a friend says, “I never look up.” At that statement, we all look up, observing buildings and structures we have […]


The joy of missing out

A while back, I was at a nightclub slightly drunk and perfectly content to be in an establishment that encourages bad decisions when I experienced the joy of missing out. My favorite songs blasted out of the speakers at deafening levels while bodies pushed against one another and drinks were spilled at an alarming rate. […]


Social media and mental health

It has become apparent that we can no longer talk about mental health without also mentioning how our increasing addiction to technology, digital devices, and various online platforms can negatively impact our mental well-being. Increasingly, studies show the negative effects of social media on our mental health and mental well-being [1].  According to a report […]