New website, who dis!? (last post)


Dear readers… 

This will be my last post on this blog.

But, this isn’t goodbye.

For the past few years, I have shared my passion for all things digital wellness, digital minimalism, and my journey towards developing a healthier tech-life balance right here at this tiny corner of the Internet.

I killed my phone. I quit social media for three years. I challenged myself to put my devices away at 8pm for a month. I radically changed my relationship with technology.

What started as a personal journey has grown into something bigger. I’m now practising as a digital wellness coach with one simple goal: to help others (re)discover the pleasures of the offline world.

In September, I enrolled in a digital wellness coaching training course from Consciously Digital, the only ICF-certified digital wellness course. I will be officially certified in March 2021!

I even joined Instagram. *gasp!* People who need to hear the message of digital wellness the most would be on social media, right? (p.s. Instagram’s addictive design is REAL and I hate it there, but bigger plans.)

I say all that to say…

You can now follow my digital wellness journey as a digital wellness coach on the following platform:

  • Subscribe to my new website for all future blog posts and to learn more about my work.

That’s all!

Bye now… 🙂