Name: Mehret Biruk (pronounced Me-he-re-t)

Born: June 25, 1994, Awasa, Ethiopia

Current Location: Ontario, Canada

Education: MA Sociology, University of Windsor

(Some) Things I Love (in no particular order): Libraries, Hiking, Kanye West, Stir-fry Noodles, Indoor Plants, My Husband and Our Fur-Son, Thrift Stores, Cooking, The Office, Ethiopian Proverbs, Minimalism, Stand-Up Comedy, Coconut Oil, Radical Ideas, Sudoku, Podcasts.

When I’m not busy adulting, I read a conspicuous amount of books borrowed from the library and patiently wait for the revolution.

Say Hi: mehretbiruk(at)gmail(dot)com.

Welcome to Minimally Online — A lifestyle blog dedicated to radically minimizing the time we spend online.

At this tiny corner of the internet, I share my experience quitting social media, my journey towards reducing time spent online to what is essential, and cultivating an offline, high-quality leisure life.

Quitting social media
I began my journey, unbeknownst to me, back in 2011 when I deleted my Facebook account. By 2013, I was becoming very wary of social media in general. I understood, instinctively, the psychologically invasiveness of these platforms, namely Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat. They felt too overbearing on my time, attention, and life. That same year, I deleted all my social media accounts, except for Twitter. In mid-2017, I quit social media all together when I deleted my Twitter account. It’s been a unique and delightful experience living without social media in the 21st century.

Minimally online lifestyle
What I did not realize when I deleted social media was that quitting social media DOES NOT equate to quitting the internet. I still find myself mindlessly spending time on theWorld Wide Web. As a response to that realization, I’ve been consciously working on minimizing the time I spend online to what is truly essential.

High-quality leisure
The antidote to internet addiction is cultivating high-quality leisure life. We outsource our leisure life to the internet, because it provides us with infinite, but arguably low-quality, entertainment at the touch of a screen. Cultivating alternative modes of entertainment, including hobbies and activities, requires effort, time, and dedication, but bring about the most satisfaction.