Month: September 2019

It’s time for a digital detox

These past few weeks, I gave myself permission to cave into my digital addiction while going through many unpleasant life changes. Practicing digital wellness requires mindfulness, discipline, and dedication, which I felt I didn’t have the energy for. So, I held on tightly to my phone and binged on the internet day after day to […]


Laugh or log off

Once upon a time, when a fan accused Rihanna of being insensitive for a meme she shared on her Instagram, Rihanna responded with, ‘laugh or log off.’ Discovering this gem a few days ago reminded me of another one from Tyler, The Creator. He tweeted, “Hahahahahahahaha How The F**k Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha N***a Just Walk […]


Event recap: Practising digital minimalism in a digitally-caffeinated culture

.  .  . “Cal Newport has discovered a cure for the techno-exhaustion that plagues our always-on, digitally caffeinated culture.” —Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalists .  .  . This past weekend, Toronto’s Digital Minimalism Meetup Group held our second event, practicing digital minimalism in a digitally-caffeinated culture. The event centered around discussing the challenges of the […]