Read a book instead

My lock screen

These past few days, I’ve been obsessively reading and getting plenty of inspiration from Austin Kleon’s blog. It is full of many gems, related to writing, creating, stealing like an artist, and the importance of throwing your phone across the ocean.

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This post is inspired by one of his blog articles I read recently: read a book instead.

Reading books makes me happy. Being on my phone makes me miserable. So, I made a wallpaper for my iPhone’s lock screen to remind me that I have a choice. You can download a copy for yourself right here.

That is the whole post by the way.

Right away, I downloaded a copy of the wallpaper for myself and updated my lock screen. I needed the reminder that I, too, have a choice.

Often, we turn to our devices because the alternative sucks.

The alternative is boredom, discomfort so we seek scape. We escape into the internet and the vast entertainment options it provides us with. If we wish so, however, we can make it more convenient to put down our phone and read a book instead.

The wallpaper is an excellent reminder. Every time you pick up your phone, it will be there, nudging you to read a book instead. 

Head over to Kelon’s blog to download a copy of the wallpaper!

Then, bring a book you enjoy reading and with you everywhere you go.

I’ve been reaching out for my book instead of my phone more and more lately. Even if I only have a couple minutes to spare, I still can get in a page or two in that time.

It is a lot more satisfying getting closer and closer to finishing a book than scrolling through time-wasting websites, then forgetting 99% of the information I just consumed. 


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