Disposable phone chargers: A social expirement?


Is this a social experiment?

Some kind of joke?

Is it April Fools already?

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.   .   .

Or, someone really and truly, from the bottom of their heart, believed that what the world needed was a disposable phone charger?

A disposable phone charger.

I refuse to link to their website, but it is real.

You can now buy a disposable phone charger for $6.28CAD.

According to Forbes, disposable phone chargers are justifiable because “the demand for on-the-go mobile power has never been greater.”

Of course!

And, we already came up with a solution for that, Or did we ALREADY forget about rechargeable portable chargers?

A portable charger, also known as a power bank, is a device that can charge your phone or any USB-chargeable device on the go.

The range, from size and capacity to style, is huge. I have one that fits in the palm of my hands, it came with a small purse I bought last minute for a wedding.

You can buy one for less than $20 at Best Buy. Or, Amazon. Or, Canadian Tire. Or, Walmart. Or, Staples. Or, The Source. And, many other retail stores.

Some things should just be thought of, laughed at, and then forgotten about.

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